Autumn arrived on cat’s paws

 Today this lovely moggie sat on our patio just  long enough to inspire this post. His fur is just the colour of the hickory tree leaves. He sat, waiting for me to snap his photo, and walked away.

I have always loved Autumn. Do you? My only issue is all of the leaves back here in our cul-du-sac. It’s a wooded lot so if we don’t stay on top of it we can have multiple inches of leaves. It’s a lot of work, especially since both Husband and I work full time. The good bit is we mulch what we can and blow the rest out  into the woods. Could be worse, yeah?

So, how’s your Autumn going?

Surveying the survivors

I’m curious. How many of my old online chums are still in Bloggersville and how many have gone? Tooty is by far and away the neighbourhood leader with too many posts to count! Good there is an automated system to do that for us, innit? That being said, just how many others of us are there? Daily Dish has been blogging as of late. Sometimes I see some posts by Prairie Flounder. My own posting rate has become nearly uncountable.

So, I’m putting it to you.

How many of you are going to keep the whole blog thingy going and how many of you are dumping the lot in the dustbin? Many of you seem to be keeping your options open by not deleting your blog. Do you think you may post more once winter arrives?

Not long ago, I posted that I was going to try blogging via my mobile, but you can see how long THAT lasted! There is a large part of my brain that says I should just chuck it in but there is an, admittedly, smaller part that says I should continue.

What are YOU going to do?

An indigenous stick insect for your amusement.
An indigenous stick insect for your amusement. Notice, the stick insect is a survivor and is standing on a dustbin. See the synergy there?

Quick! Get some gopher wood!


This is a snap of what we found at the library when we arrived for work one morning about three weeks ago. Our drinking fountain had burst a pipe and run all night on the upper level of the building.( My desk is just beyond this point.) The water ran into our Director’s office, into the periodicals room, cascaded down the two stairways, out the doors, and also continued down into the children’s department. The water also went through the floors and ran down walls. It destroyed a copy machine, 2-4 computers, 2 office chairs, flooring, and worst of all, our telephone system! Now, remember, all of our employees are women. We all rolled up our sleeves, and trouser legs, and moved furniture, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. until we were all exhausted. We were not allowed to turn on the a/c either so it was also 80 degrees F and extremely humid in there while we were doing all of this. Most of us worked in the building during the closure. After the cleaning company put up vapor barriers to close off the affected areas, we were able to turn on the a/c. Without those pesky Patrons in the building, it’s amazing just how much one can accomplish! There were several of  our employees who elected to stay home during the closure. Our Director was, shall we say, “disappointed” that they decided to not work. They get paid regardless! Just let me say I earned mega brownie points that week! (I worked more hours than anyone but the Director herself) My feeling is that if I’m getting paid to work, I’m going to earn it! I am also in management so feel I should be there. Our children’s department head apparently didn’t feel the same responsibility. I would be surprised if she even worked 10 hours. Sad, really. Her new employee worked more hours than she did! Yikes!! Our Director DID notice. I hope this lack of accountability will be mentioned in her yearly evaluation.

We were closed for a full week. We have reopened but STILL do NOT have phone service! Have you ever tried to run a business without phones? We got a burner phone so we may call out but our Patrons cannot call us! Nightmare!

How’s your life, then? Good, is it? Hope so!

Bless ~ S.Le