Today’s enlightenment

Today whilst I was out and about I met a Mini Cooper. It looked so very sad.

Here is a Mini Cooper…


See its sad wee face? It has a frown nearly as big as its cute face. (I think it has intestinal issues.) I had always wanted  one. My little brother had one for several years but had trouble with it. The biggest problem, if you live in America, is if you live anywhere outside of a large city, you cannot get it serviced! Not so much as an oil change!! If you have any trouble at all, no one will even look at it. He waved a fond farewell and got a Mercedes crossover.

This is a Fiat 500 (just like mine)…

New 2012 Fiat 500 in Rame
Hamster car

See its happy grin? It’s right there under its jaunty mustache. Wide eyed, dimpled grin… happy wee hamster car. Not that it is without trouble. It was having starting issues. The garage workers dicked around with it for 3 months off and on until they discovered it was an unusual computer glitch. The engineers at Fiat wrote a computer program patch and voila! C’est comples! (Huh. I should probably have used Italian instead of French but I know more French.)

So tell me, is there a car you either had or wanted that would have been no end of trouble?

Shame on me!

I’ll bet you think I’m going to write about how shameful it is that I haven’t written on this blog for ages. I don’t blame you for thinking that. It HAS been ages! No. What this is about is wastefulness.  I finally got ’round to clearing out our large upright deep freeze. It had probably been over a year’s time since I’d done it. Today I did it. I threw out TWO bin bags of food. TWO!! All varieties of food; meats, veg, broth, shrimp (yes, shrimp!!) bread. It was well enough food to feed a family of four for two weeks. What horrible waste. I do really feel bad about it. I’m going to try to do better this year. I don’t know about you (oh please say you do this) but when I get home with frozen foods I just tuck them into the front of the freezer and shut the door. That is how I got into this mess and I need to do what the grocers do and bring the old stuff to the front and place the new stuff in the back.

I’m trying to clear away a bunch of stuff I don’t need or use throughout our home. I’ve made a good start ’cause I’ve already done two cupboards (closets in the US.) I’m going to keep at it. I know I’ve said that about this blog as well but this time I mean it! I’ll try to keep you posted unless I get buried under all the stuff I drag out.

Anyway, soon I also hope to update you on some of our childrens’ news. There is a lot to tell there as well.

In the meantime, take care, do better, be safe.




This is the “after” and it’s STILL full!!

Ready or not…


Note, if you please, there are no gifts under this tree. They have been purchased but none are wrapped yet. No cookies or biscuits have been baked. Menus are only partially planned. No nog has been drunk.

Are YOU more prepared than I? I do hope so!

Have a very happy Christmas! See you next year.